Souza for Kids® was founded in 1998 by Angeliek Clercx-de Jager, who at that time was living outside her native country of the Netherlands with her family. Because of her professional experience making babies' and children's clothes, Angeliek decided to make a nurse's outfit for the play corner at her children's school. The other parents were so enthusiastic about this outfit and the other outfits she made that she had to hire a local seamstress so she could keep up with demand. Angeliek started off selling the outfits by word of mouth. Gradually the outfits became so popular that she began to sell them at events in hotels, and at that point sales really took off, to the extent that she moved production overseas. With that, Souza for Kids® was a fact! The idea behind Souza for Kids® is that the dressing-up outfits stimulate children to use their imagination, thereby contributing to the development of creativity and the ability to play cooperatively. Being able to promote this idea is what inspired Angeliek to set up Souza for Kids® as a professional business. The first accessories to be added to the collection were the princess slippers, and these were followed by countless other accessories! Then a European distribution network was set up. By the time Angeliek and her family returned to the Netherlands in 2004, Souza for Kids® had grown so much that Angeliek's husband decided to start working in the company as well!


Now Souza for Kids® is a solidly established brand in the European market for children's costumes and accessories. Every day at the company's headquarters in Nijnsel, in the Dutch province of North Brabant, the professional creative team enthusiastically works on designing and developing new accessories and clothes. Souza for Kids® sales points and sales partners can be found all over Europe.